A Credit Agreement Has Been Removed

The implementation of a repayment plan has prevented the lender from imposing the CCJ (by bailiffs or deductions from your salary), but it will not be removed from your solvency. You will find it extremely difficult to get a mortgage at a reasonable rate of two CCjs, I fear. If the lender does not terminate the credit agreement as desired, you can file a formal claim. Here, it may be helpful to provide copies of the correspondence you`ve had so far to make sure there are no misunderstandings on the lender`s side about everything that happened. If that still doesn`t resolve the situation, your next step should be to go to the Financial Ombudsman. You should be aware that if you apply to many lenders, it leaves a trace in your credit reference file. This can affect your creditworthiness, as lenders may think you`ve already taken out a lot of loans or been turned down by other creditors. There are exceptions to this rule, for credit agreements concluded in one of the following circumstances that are not covered by the right of withdrawal: if you use a guarantee for the loan, you must also provide information about their personal data so that the lender can verify that they are solvent. Try to choose a guarantor who probably has good creditworthiness. Do you have an old credit information that shows the debt with a default date? For most people applying for a loan, the main concern is whether they are actually accepted or not.

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