Afscme 13 Master Agreement 2016

Today, it is normal for members of the government to have only 15 days at the end of their current collective agreement to resign. This means that you have 15 days every 4 to 5 years to collect a packet of paperwork only to exercise the right to become a non-member. AFSCME Council 13 negotiated a collective agreement with the state from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019. The union`s resignations were limited to the 15-day period before the agreement expired. EU policy also limits the revocation of tax deductions to the 15-day period prior to the annual anniversary of the authorization or to the 15-day period before the expiry of the collective agreement. We took up the challenge and found the 294-page contract – available on the “Employment Contracts” page of the Personnel Relations Division of the Office of Administration`s Personnel Relations Department on the Governor`s website. Easy to get to, isn`t it? Under a 2016 law, the state`s independent tax office is required to conduct an analysis of the costs of the agreements before the administration can approve. This report is a measure of transparency, but it has no influence on the administration`s ability to move forward with treaties. Government employees deserve dignity and respect. They deserve to have a real choice, not to be sent to a game of hide-and-seek if they want to exercise their constitutional rights.

That`s why our friends at Americans for Fair Treatment made it easier and provided the members of the government union with three simple steps to leave their union. B. The letter is marked with a stamp during the period of fifteen days preceding the expiry date of this agreement and indicates that the worker makes his membership in the Union and revokes, if necessary, the authorization to check-off. “These contracts will allow us to better compete for talent in the labour market and retain high-performing employees who already work for us,” he said in a press release announcing the ratifications. And as a result of the recent court decisions, the contract: `Editor`s note: Although the journalist could not find, and was not found looking for the AFSCME 13 contract, it is now available on the union`s website. Nathan McGrath, President of the Equity Centre, said: “Mr. Rhodes has taken all appropriate steps to withdraw and the union has refused to pay tribute to his resignation. In addition to ignoring his resignation, AFSCME added an insult to the violation by continuing to receive union fees to Mr. Rhodes long after his resignation. Of course, we were skeptical. But Fillman insisted: “It`s not hidden, it`s not legal.” The complaint was filed with the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

It was awarded to Judge Matthew Brann, a judge appointed by Barack Obama (D). The name and number of the case are: Rhodes v. American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Council 13, 4:20-cv-01313. The administration found on Friday that the same contractual terms were also ratified by union members representing state spirits traders. A dozen other contracts, covering staff staff up to Capitol Police, have yet to be completed. Most Pennsylvania public servants will see their salaries increase by more than 16 percent over their lifetime, a new four-year contract that has just been ratified by Council 13 members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. This fact was highlighted in recent comments by David Fillman, head of AFSCME Council 13.

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