Air-Bubble Agreement Between Netherlands And India To Be Effective From 1 Nov 2020

All airlines can sell tickets between India and the respective countries in any direction through their websites, sales agents and global distribution systems. In addition, all foreign nationals (from any country in the Schengen/EU area, Africa or South America) who wish to visit India for any reason (including their nationals of the corresponding category of dependent visas), except those who have tourists and seafarers from the Schengen/EU area, Africa or South America, can also travel on these flights. When information was sent to the Ministry of Civil Aviation about the air bubble with Tanzania via a tweet saying: “Beware of travelers! An air arrangement has been created between India and Tanzania. In addition, designated airlines of both nations are allowed to operate flights between the two nations. i. nationals/residents of Bangladesh and foreigners holding a valid visa from Bangladesh; Although commercial international flights are prohibited, Indians can still travel to and from selected countries. This is possible due to air bubbles or air corridors created by the Indian government with these countries. The Netherlands, Tanzania and Rwanda are the new arrivals on the list of countries with which India had already concluded air blowing agreements. India had installed air bubbles with Bahrain, Ukraine, Bangladesh, France, Afghanistan, Canada, Iraq, Germany, Qatar, Japan, Maldives, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States, Bhutan and Kenya.

Now Indians can travel to 21 international destinations. Keep reading for details. More than 17 lakh people relieved since May 6, 2020. A circular from the Ministry of Civil Aviation indicated in the air bubble with the Netherlands that from 1 November 2020, India had agreed with the Netherlands on an air bubble that would remain in service until the resumption of scheduled international flights between the two nations. Iii. Foreigners (including diplomats) holding a valid visa issued by an Indian mission in each category covered by the Directives of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) of 30.06.2020, in their current version. Regarding the air bubble with Tanzania, the Ministry of Civil Aviation sent a tweet saying, “An air blowing agreement has been reached between India and Tanzania. Designated airlines from both countries are allowed to operate flights between the two countries. Hardeep Singh Puri, India`s Union Minister of Civil Aviation, tweeted: “The mission to withdraw stranded citizens began on 6 May 2020 and is now ready to intertwine in Phase 7. .


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