Cash Management Agreement Sample

5. Customer information. The customer undertakes to provide the bank, before the start of providing a service to the customer, all the information that may be necessary to comply with the laws and policies and procedures in force of the bank with regard to the identification and authority of the customer. This information may include, without restriction, official certifications of the client`s existence, copies of customer training contracts and business transactions, or equivalent documents, in a form acceptable to the bank, authorizing the client to obtain services from the bank in accordance with this agreement and to designate certain persons as agents of the client. (iii) that the customer has complied with all government laws and regulations, including all provisions or directives adopted by the customer when entering into and implementing this agreement, including all provisions or directives relating to e-commerce adopted by the customer, as well as all ACH agreements or related transfers; 34.1 Customer as a third party. Subject to the bank`s prior agreement and at its sole discretion, the Customer may be authorized to use one or more of these services on behalf of and in connection with accounts belonging to the customer`s customers, belonging to the customer`s customers, who are more respectful of the customer and in his own name (hereafter, if he acts as such). called “Customer As Service Provider”). The client must execute other agreements or documents that the bank deems necessary or appropriate before the Client uses or continues to provide services in this capacity. The customer accepts that the bank retains the right to refuse any invitation from the customer to participate in the client`s activities as a service provider, as well as any transaction initiated by the customer at his sole discretion. In the event that the bank authorizes the use of the services by the customer as a service provider, it is also appropriate: (iii) any violation by the customer of any of its guarantees, insurance, agreements or agreements; “account agreement,” the set of terms and conditions of deposit account agreements, credit account contracts, pricing plans and any other agreement, advertisement and other document issued by the bank governing the customer`s entry or credit relationship with the bank, which may be changed from time to time.

12. Overdrafts; I`ll take care of it. The bank may, but is not required to, complete any transaction related to the provision of services, if the funds available in the client`s account are not sufficient to complete the transaction. In the event that the client`s actions result in an overdraft on one of the accounts receivable, including, but not limited to the client`s inability to maintain sufficient balances on one of the accounts receivable, the customer is responsible for the immediate and un noticeable overdraft refund.

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