Comprehensive Agreement Traduzione

2 (maximum, complete) full, full, maximum, whole, in all respects: a full month`s pay the full month pay; a complete agreement, a complete agreement. 1 directly, exactly, in its entirety: full face on full face. . 2 (rar) (very) very: You know, fully well you know very well. 4 (rounded, plump) full, round, chubby: having a full character have a full face; full hips. 3 (of clothing, drapery, etc.: wide) wide, abundant, wide; (with folds) in folds. Search results: 131. Exactly: 131. Response time: 146 ms.

5 (Fig.) (ample, complete) wide, complete: to give complete details, give complete information, enter all the details. 1 full, full, filled (de): full of errors. 13 (Mar) (the sail) swollen; (ships) in swollen sails, with full sails. Common short expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Other 3 (rar) (quite) well, correct: 10 miles full ten miles. 6 (Fig) (concerned) (para); (wholesale) absorbed, used (by). . . .

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