Membership Agreement Club

A mobile membership card for access to the facility is available to members. Members must register at the facility by scanning their mobile access cards on arrival. Membership cards cannot be passed on to non-members, whether inside or outside the club. Violations may result in your membership suspended or terminated. Less than 30 members. The club offers a limited number of less than 30 memberships at a reduced monthly cost compared to monthly membership. To qualify for this membership, you must provide a current and valid government identification or issued by the federal government to confirm your authorization. When a member under the age of 30 reaches the age of 30, that member`s status is automatically converted into a monthly member and that member`s fee is automatically increased to the amount of the monthly due date effective the next due date. Members can opt for a change between the annual membership and the monthly membership by notifying the TGS in writing and following the process that will then be put in place for the transfer.

These are dealt with on a case-by-case basis after permission from TGS staff. The member who receives membership must be accepted as a member beforehand. You acknowledge that you have read this membership agreement carefully and agree that the filing of your application for membership is considered your explicit consent to the conditions set out in it. Any member of less than 30 who wishes to terminate his membership must give TGS an un noticeable period (30) in advance, with termination without notice. If you want to temporarily freeze your membership and avoid re-applying and paying the current introductory fee, you can apply to TGS for “affiliate blocking” status. The status of the affiliate property temporarily suspends your membership and requires you to pay 25% of your monthly contributions in order to maintain your right to resume membership status. This still requires a 30-day announcement. Please note that you do not have access to the Club if you have membership status. Membership may decide, for a total of 3 months over a period of 12 months, to obtain membership status.

The management of the club reserves the right to extend this status on a case-by-case basis. Contributions are due and due, whether or not you benefit from your affiliation. In addition to the other TGS introductory rights in this membership agreement, TGS may, at its sole discretion, terminate or suspend your membership immediately and the rights conferred on you if: (i) you or your guests participate in any of the activities prohibited above; (ii) you or the behaviour of your host or guest company: disrupts the operation of the facility or the use of the facility by other members; Cause personal or property damage injuring or threatening the TGS, its staff or other members; damage the reputation of clubs or are perceived as in poor taste by management; (iii) you are violating this affiliation agreement or do not comply with the membership code; (iv) They express themselves negatively or pejoratively about the club or its employees. In addition, TGS reserves the right to suspend or terminate a member of the community at its sole discretion. Such a termination on your part by TGS will be done without reimbursement of the fees you pay and will be in addition to any other rights that TGS may have against you under the law or in equity.

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