Salgbc Main Collective Agreement 2018

`5. (a) For the purposes of this Subsection, the collective agreements and arbitral awards referred to in point (b) shall be agreements and arbitral awards which have bound the former employer in respect of the workers to be transferred just before the transition date. On the issue, Whether the parties were bound by the old collective agreements or by the main agreement of the Collective Agreements Board, and taking into account the objectives of the LRA, the Tribunal decided: SAMWU and Another v City of Johannesburg and Others (LC) (undeclared case No. JR2228/2013, 2-2-2018) (Whitcher J) This article was first published in 2018 (April) DR 49 in De Rebus. The NEC was convened just days after auditor general Kimi Makwethu published the results of the municipal audit for the 2018/2019 financial year. The NEC expressed great concern about the continued decline in the results of municipal audits. These results paint a bleak future for municipalities, which would mean that services to residents would not continue if corrective action was not taken immediately. The NEC welcomed the union`s total rejection of salga`s aforementioned proposals, a permanent and legal agreement that does not need to be renegotiated by their immediate implementation. The SALGBC parties (SALGA, SAMWU and IMATU) agreed on this point and commissioned a multimedia video to ensure, as part of their joint contribution to raising awareness of COVID-19 in the sector and conveying a message of support and motivation from the parties to the sector. The 10-minute video is available on YouTube, please click here or use the following link: the video is also available on the electronic and digital platforms salgBC, SALGA, SAMWU and IMATU. (ii) all collective agreements that are binding under Article 23. SalGBC was subject to litigation in which the arbitrator found that the workers were bound by SALGBC`s main collective agreement.

“A crucial element of this dispute is that the parties to the dispute are parties to SALGBC`s main contract and their members [the employees concerned] fall within the registered scope of SALGBC`s main contract. Where workers fall within the scope of two contradictory agreements, the main agreement must apply to them, taking into account their status. » Collective bargaining of the Disciplinary Code is over and on the 1st A collective agreement was concluded on February 2, 2018. The NEC also received a report that, at a subsequent meeting, the employers` organization, the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), had passed a resolution to comply with the National Ministry of Finance`s request to municipalities for a waiver. Salga informed the parties in the negotiating council that she was trying to break the final stage of the agreement. The health and safety of municipal workers cannot be negotiated, it remains the responsibility of municipalities to ensure that municipal workers in the workplace are properly protected to ensure the safe performance of their obligations. . . .

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