Sample Amenities Agreement

… 2014, dated 11-07-2014, and the apartment will be given to them on 10-08-2014. The third consideration is the equipment supplier of the same apartments, and he entered into the agreement, dated 30-6…Man bought apartment No. 8 under the sale of Opposite Parties 1/2, and that, 3. counterparty is the supplier of amenities, as mentioned in the agreement as mentioned in the complaint, For…, the glass of dressing in the room, it is not in convenience, the willingness to connect the gas to the gas line, in the kitchen platform, is not part of the agreement of amenities, electricity processing of “gross equipment revenues” of r. 1.03,63,284/- which was inextricably linked to each other and which was born from a lease agreement, as income from the property of the house and a… the convenience agreement as well as the holidays and the licensing agreement of the two agreements of 25-01-2008, concluded by the Assesse with Infinity Retail Limited (CROMA) with regard to the rental of… The expert submitted that the amenities offered by the empty valuation agreement are related to the property of the Link Square Shopping Centre, Bandra (W), which is leased by the auditor to CROMA…… The case.

It was presented by the Ld. A.R. that the expert had entered into two agreements with the viz tenants. (i) Withdrawal and licensing agreement: 07.08.2012; and (ii) agreement on amenities: dated… 07.08.2012. It was presented by ld. A.R. that the authorities mistakenly lower the amount that the notator instead of the agreement of amenities for taxation under the head …

India Ltd. (hereafter the licensee) against a licence fee of 5.63,500 ru./- p.m. Apart from that, the appraiser according to a separate amenities agreement, from 07.08.2012, which… 14.04,000 aff. under a service/accreditation contract as income from other sources instead of property income. 2. The short facts are that the noted… Lease of 29-10-2010 and Rs.1.08,000 per month for amenities on agreement of 01-10-2010 and Rs.9,000/- for car locations in the basement.

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