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If you find that no appropriate settlement can be reached with your employer, we can advise you on whether we believe that forwarding your claim to an employment court is in your best interest. At the end of July 2013, these agreements were known as “compromise” agreements and you can still see that yours are so designated. These awards are always an incredible honour, but what interests our lawyers in all our UK offices the most is the satisfaction of our clients. Many of the clients we have worked for to achieve fruitful results have been so kind to leave us positive feedback. To see for yourself what our customers say about us, please take a look at our customer references. Properly crafted settlement agreements are legally binding, which is why the law states that they are only valid if you have used independent legal advice on the terms and effects of the settlement agreement prior to signing. In most cases, your employer contributes to your legal fees to receive this advice. If you are a staff member who is asked to sign a settlement agreement, you must have legal representation. It is customary for the employer to contribute to the worker`s legal fees for advice related to the settlement agreement. If you sign a settlement agreement, you agree in writing not to claim any particular issue related to your employment for a one-time payment. Benefits for employees include time savings, legal fees and insecurity related to claiming an employment court, as well as preventing negative publicity that could harm your career.

From time to time, we may notify you that the circumstances of your agreement do indicate a more serious problem. Our team of labour law specialists can advise you on other possible claims and how to move them forward; an estimate of costs, time and potential compensation. The law protects you from signing these legal rights before you fully understand them, requiring you to seek independent legal advice for the agreement to be binding. Formerly known as a compromise agreement, a settlement agreement is a legally binding contract between the employer and the worker. These are powerful documents that, once signed, limit your labour rights; in principle in return for financial redundancy pay or other benefits. Our support goes beyond mere deliberation beyond the legal effect of the Treaty. We will also discuss with you whether the financial severance pay offered is fair and appropriate or whether you should seek a higher payment, hundreds of which we have negotiated over the years. In many cases, your employer won`t immediately make their best offer, or perhaps they won`t reflect the potential claims you have against them, so we advise you on the best strategy to negotiate an increased deal and help you in those subsequent negotiations. They can be proposed for a number of reasons, for example.B. situations of dismissal or as a result of a disagreement between you and your employer, where your employer may suggest that you are not at an acceptable level. Sometimes they can be born from friendly conversations, but they often come from heaven.

If you need help negotiating an agreement, our team can advise and represent you. This involves both direct negotiations with your employer and the review of the ACAS early settlement process. Slater and Gordon`s specialist lawyers in Cardiff offer exceptional and affordable legal services. Our goal is to offer accessible and tailor-made legal advice at excellent value for money.. . . .

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