Sponsor Agreement

This sponsorship agreement was concluded on the basis of [contract. Date] between the following companies, which together are referred to as “the parties”: [Sender.First Name] [Sender.Last Name] (Sponsor) [Customer.First Name] [Customer.Last Name] (Organizer) This document is a legally binding sponsorship agreement between the parties listed above. Today, intellectual property is very important. It includes all the inventions, ideas, strategies and marketing plans that a company has created and that it puts on the table. Sponsorship often involves the sharing of intellectual property and it is therefore essential that you provide details describing the rights of use on behalf of the sponsor and the rights holder. You want to make sure that you retain ownership and that you list what intellectual property is shared and what are the rights of one party to exploit the intellectual property of the other party. Limit values should be clearly defined and a list of what can be shared and under what circumstances. A sponsorship agreement describes the legal details between a sponsor and those who must enforce the sponsorship obligation. It also describes the service fees, the duration of the agreement and the commitments of the parties. While the packages you provide describe what a sponsor is buying, a referral agreement offers something that is legally binding. It`s really helpful to make sure your sponsorship proposals are very clear, as this allows you to base your agreement on something stronger. If your agreements are established with the same list for each sponsor, you can save your agreements and make sure that both parties are familiar with what is expected of them and fully understand.

In the event of disagreement at any time, the parties shall refer the matter to an independent arbitrator appointed by mutual agreement. This sponsorship contract does not create or imply an employer/employee relationship. The Organizer assumes no responsibility or liability to the Promoter that goes beyond the scope of this Agreement. PandaTip: This template has been designed to work for any sponsorship agreement. To add specific details to your event, simply click on one of the text boxes. Anything not expressly stipulated in the terms of this Sponsorship Agreement is subject to the contractual laws of [Promoter. State]. PandaTipp: Once you have customized this template for a referral agreement according to your wishes, use the menu on the right for yourself and your sponsor the “sender” or roles. “customer” to be assigned. Then click on “Send”. You and your sponsor will receive an email with the contract concluded and will be able to sign and download the agreement by electronic signature.

With a payment plan, each sponsor wants to have a clear list describing what they receive for their investment. These include things such as logo placement, marketing materials, dissemination of goods and services, participation such as keynote speakers, expected number of participants, media presence, etc. Make sure the sponsor benefits match the package they bought to keep things consistent and contain as much detail as possible here. PandaTip: The terms of this sponsorship agreement proposal must be simple and fair for both parties. If you want to use other terms, you can override the template terms by clicking in the text box below. The degree of participation often varies greatly from sponsor to sponsor, from a company that simply supplies products to a venue, from a sponsor that participates with keynote speakers, entertainment or catering for a large sit down dinner, to the designation of an establishment, program or event. The more complicated the participation, the more important the sponsorship contract becomes. Referral sales require a clear agreement with defined roles and responsibilities to succeed….

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