Suppose Fiat Recently Entered Into An Agreement And Plan Of Merger

Assuming Fiat recently struck a deal and merger plan with Case for $4.3 billion. Before the merger, the market for four-wheel drive tractors consisted of five companies. The market was highly concentrated with a Herfindahl-Hirschman index of 2,765. Case`s market share was 22%, while Fiat accounted for only 12% of the market. How much would the Herfindahl Hirschman index increase after the general meeting if it were approved? Do you think the Justice Department would challenge the merger based on this information alone? Explain. c. If the companies could merge with a turnover of 235,000 USD and 315,000 USD, the resulting HHI would increase from 979 to 5,056. Given that after the concentration the HHI exceeds that of the Guidelines (2,500) and increases the HHI by more than that permitted by the Guidelines (200), it is likely that the concentration will be challenged. Like all other companies, mana. Q: The opioid addiction crisis and its consequences are one of the worst problems facing the United States. . .


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